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What is Pîkiskwêwak?


The purpose of AGEN’s Pīkiskwēwak (translated in Cree as “They Speak”) Speakers Bureau training is to promote a ‘Stay in School’ message for Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan by showcasing the employment opportunities across the Government of Saskatchewan’s ministries, agencies, boards, commissions and Crown corporations.  The train-the-trainer opportunity is open to AGEN Members who wish to share their personal success stories while building on their public speaking/presentation skills.

Target Audience

The target audience for this recruitment initiative is Saskatchewan Aboriginal youth in grades 6-8 as well as high school students. Location of presentations will vary from on-reserve schools to inner-city elementary and high school schools where there is a high population of Aboriginal students.

Desired Outcomes of the Training

  • Encourage and promote the ‘Stay in School’ message;
  • Foster behavioural and attitudinal change, if any, to position the Government of Saskatchewan’s provincial ministries and Crown corporations as an ‘Employer of Choice’ in a students’ desired career pathing efforts;
  • Students will have a better understanding about the costs of living expenses with the comparison of needs vs. wants; and
  • Pīkiskwēwak Speakers understand their role as role models, not only within their own workplace but within the broader Aboriginal community while recognizing the importance of engaging today’s Aboriginal youth given the shifting demographics in Saskatchewan.


If you are an educational institution or teacher who would like to have an AGEN Member come and present to your school and/or community or if you are an AGEN Member interested in taking the training, please contact the AGEN Office.